About the new and into
New and as domestic small and medium-sized enterprise board first(Stock code002001),Since1999Since its founding years,Always focus on the fine chemical industry,Insist on innovation drive and balanced、The concept of sustainable development,In nutrition、Flavoring、Active pharmaceutical ingredients、New macromolecule material, etc,To the world100Many countries and regions in the customer in animal nutrition、Human nutrition、Medicine、Life and health、Environmental protection、Engineering plastics, etc, to provide the solution,By the high quality health and green environmental protection product continuously improving the quality of human life,To create sustainable value for stakeholders。
The company size

New and currently employs more than8000People,It happened4A modern production base,13Subsidiaries,Total assets197One hundred million yuan,State-level enterprise technology center,Post-doctoral scientific research workstation,The world's top four

One of the production enterprises,The live feed additives production、The first sales,2017The annual China pharmaceutical industry the top first38Name,2017The annual China light industry spices industry top ten list first1Name。

Xinchang base
Production base is located in zhejiang province enjoys xinchangxian,Covers an area of 54Million square meters,Xinchang new and into vitamin co., LTD、New animal nutrition, health care products co., LTD,Mainly engaged in feed and food additivesVE、VH、VD3、CoenzymeQ10Products such as production。VE、VAScale in the world,Is a leading international manufacture base of fat-soluble vitamins and domestic famous API manufacturing base。
Shangyu base
Shangyu shangyu production base is located in the hangzhou bay economic and technological development zone,Covers an area of66.6Million square meters,Shangyu new and into biological chemical co., LTD、Zhejiang new and into pharmaceutical co., LTD、Zhejiang new and special materials co., LTD,Mainly engaged in vitaminsA、VitaminsE、PPS(PPS)、The high temperature of nylon(PPA)、Cantharis yellow、Astaxanthin and other products production and sales。Doing fast new materials business,With the famous materials giant, the NetherlandsDSMCompany set up a joint venture cooperation。
Shandong base
Shandong base planning and land use10000m,Now about6600m。The registered capital5.86One hundred million yuan,A phase2008Years4Month25Start construction,2009In the first half of the year began to trial-produce。Mainly engaged in essence、Food additives、Nutrition、Production and sales of pharmaceutical intermediates and so on four big industry,\/ products:Linalool、Citral、PASuch as flavoring series products(Linalool、RKThe market share in the world)。2012Years was rated as state-level high-tech enterprises。
Heilongjiang base
Company in suihua in heilongjiang province economic and technological development zone starting biological fermentation project,Covers an area of a phase of the project2200m(Always cover3000m),Investment is super50One hundred million yuan,For the key investment project in heilongjiang province。In the project2017Years have project started,Plan2019In the second half completed and put into operation,Will become the main domestic corn deep processing base,The domestic scale large biological fermentation manufacturing base。
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  • Heilongjiang base
The development course

Since1988Since its founding years,New and into has come30Years of wind and rain。From xinchangxian synthetic chemical plant to the new and into holding group co., LTD,The company through practice“Innovation、And、Race”The core values,

Constantly looking for opportunities in the market,Through the innovation leads the industry development,To realize double progress of enterprise development and staff development。

1988In the market vocational middle school and borrowing xinchang chengguan middle school10Ten thousand yuan,Recommended Hu Baifan teacher founded school-run enterprises。
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The teacher culture
In the development process of company formed a unique“The teacher culture”,Is a new and a business card,Actively advocate"Those who know more act as teachers、5 for the teacher、Modest man、Careful cultivation。Established“To create wealth、Achievement of employees、The benefit of society”Business enterprise aim,“Innovation、And、Race”And the values“Strives for realism、Making innovation、QiuZhi、O work”The spirit of enterprise。To build a learning、Knowledge-based enterprises,Depending on the enterprise for the school,Treat employees for the students;Let every employee has become a chance,Will each employee training into useful talents,Is"The teacher culture"The important meaning。Through hundreds of all kinds of training,Job rotation、Positions and compete for,Use"Please come in and go out"The way,Studying expatriate staff in colleges and universities, etc,Technical specialist、Business backbone has grown up,And subject to reuse。